Solar System Coloring Pages!

Our solar system is a popular topic in children’s education and is always fascinating. Children get to learn in wonderment, what’s out there, beyond what we can see. We have planets and moons, minor planets, dust and gas, asteroids and comets. Fantastically, all of these things spanning millions of miles, orbit the sun due to its massive gravitational pull. We’re all sitting on a rock hurling through space!!! I mean, there’s no better reason to color! Today, we have some fantastic solar system coloring pages to help them learn.

Our solar system in order consists of… the Sun, and then the planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Here’s a great way to remember, with a mnemonic to assist in memorizing…  My Very Excellent Mother Just Served Us Nachos (and pizza if you still want Pluto to be a planet)

Repetition, by coloring of course, can help you remember. And we have found some really great resources, so color! color away! And learn about our solar system.

Solar System Coloring Pages

Our first resource is an awesome 13 page coloring book created by Windows to the Universe. The coloring portion is simple and at most a quick color, but the information is fascinating. Perfect for school teachers, home-schooling parents, or just for to learn more about the planets.

windows to the universe coloring book - sun

windows to the universe coloring book - jupiter

Windows 2 Universe Coloring Book


Coloring Castle has 2 good coloring pages to help learn planet size and planet order by visualization.


Download Planets Coloring Pages

Coloring Pages Printable has some super cute space coloring pages. They have solar systems, space rockets, little aliens and more! These are cute and fun.

coloring pages - space coloring pages

coloring pages solar system coloring pages

coloring pages space coloring pages

Download Space Coloring Pages

Tim Andevall has a great coloring page of the planets in order. This is great for school children to learn.


Download Planets in Order Coloring Page