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Check out tons of printable coloring pages. Explore your creative side, get quiet and enjoy the simple art of coloring. The benefits of coloring are so numerous that coloring therapy is a well-used practice to relieve stress! Simply focusing on a single activity relaxes the brain while your artistic expression helps you be more creative, open, and free. Children enjoy improved motor skills, focus, color recognition, and also relaxation. Coloring is good for EVERYONE! So grab your crayons & colored pencils, and print all of these great coloring pages for free.





  • Snow White Coloring Pages
    Snow White made history as Disney’s first animated movie way back in ’37. The story was a Grimm fairy tale first written in 1812. Disney thought it had everything, comedy, drama, romance, and he did an incredible job incorporating it to an animated film. Disney was nervous that people wouldn’t enjoy an animated movie that …

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  • Mulan Coloring Pages
    Mulan was an instant Disney classic, grabbing the attention of children all over the world since 1998. This film deserves several watches as Mulan protects her father from the horrors of war by doing the bravest act. She dresses as a man and goes herself. Full amazing characters, humor, and of course music, you’ll instantly …

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  • Lilo and Stitch Coloring Pages
    Lilo & Stitch is a sweet animated series about a young Hawaiian girl who finds a stray ‘dog’ and decides to take care of him. What she doesn’t know is that Stitch, as she names him, is actually an extraterrestrial being. He’s actually a science experiment on the run and other beings are after him. …

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  • Beauty and the Beast Coloring Pages
    Beauty and the Beast was one of the Disney greats. Full of mystery and suspense, a little romance and again, award winning music. Brave Belle sacrifices her freedom to save her father and encounters an enormous twist as she discovers the magic spell cast over the castle. But you know, she wins in the end. …

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  • Cinderella Coloring Pages
    Cinderella is one of many defining moments in the world of Disney. Some magic, maybe a little romance, lots of sweet characters and the very best music. The original was released in 1950 and there have been countless iterations since. Show your love for Cinderella and give her some color! When you’re finished with these …

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  • Camel Coloring Pages
    Camels are an interesting animal. They live predominantly North Africa and the Middle East and are used much like horses. You can ride them or use them to carry your pack. Camels are very strong, they can carry 900 lbs! They can also run as fast as a horse too, speeds up to 40 miles …

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  • Lobster Coloring Pages
    Lobster are crustaceans that crawl along the bottom of the ocean. Even though lobster live all over the world, they’re most famous just off the east coast of America, from Maine to North Carolina. Lobsters survive by eating other sea life, like crabs, mussels, clams, starfish and even shrimp. Did you know that a lobsters …

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  • Bear Coloring Pages
    Bears are fierce yet majestic. They have many emotions. They’re affectionate and love their cubs, plus they are very protective. For most of us, they are terrifying, so admire them from a long long distance. It makes me wonder why we use their likeness as comfort in the teddy bear. It also makes me ask …

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  • Sloth Coloring Pages
    Ah, the Sloth. The notoriously slow animal. It takes them a whole minute to move only one foot. Zootopia wasn’t kidding! But there are other interesting things about them besides conserving energy. They were built to fall. If they lose grip and fall from a tree, they can survive falling from 100 feet in the …

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  • Snake Coloring Pages
    Snakes are so unique. You have to wonder how a creature survives with no arms and no legs. Snakes do it so elegantly. They are all muscle basically, so moving about is very easy for them. They strike very quickly so they’re well adept at hunting. They can go extra long without eating, about two …

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  • Magic School Bus Coloring Pages
    Was the Magic School Bus one of your favorite tv shows as a kid? Or maybe your kids love it now. You don’t want to miss Ms. Frizzle & Liz teaching her class all about the world in the most wonderful way! On the school bus that can take you anywhere. What excitement and learning …

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  • School Coloring Pages
    Going back to school is such an exciting time. Your day is full of activity. You get to see your friends again. You get to learn. If you love learning and if you especially love school, download these great coloring pages. If you need more, we have some school bus, and even some fun Magic …

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  • School Bus Coloring Pages
    School Bus coloring pages are a great way to get kids excited for school. It’s big. It’s yellow. It drives you to school every day. Is the school bus… and it’s HERE!!! Can you find the perfect color yellow in your crayon box to color these school bus pages? Why not try mixing dark and …

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  • Earth Coloring Pages
    The Earth is our only home so let’s keep it one very beautiful, inhabitable place for all. Whether you’re studying about all of the wonders in the world and our solar system or learning about healing climate change, we have the coloring pages to see you through. Print them all, pass them out to all …

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  • Alphabet Coloring Pages
    It’s time to practice our ABCs. The best way to learn anything is through practice and repetition. Combining tasks, such as reading and writing makes the learning stick. Let’s add another task… coloring! Here are a great selection of Alphabet letters to color. Have fun and learn at the same time! Alphabet Coloring Pages
  • Pegasus Coloring Pages
    Pegasus is a beautiful mythical creature. He’s actually one of the most recognized characters from Greek mythology. This winged horse was the child of Poseidon, god of the sea. When Perseus decapitated Medusa, Pegasus emerged. If you have a thing for Greek mythology or just love the idea of a flying horse, color one today. …

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  • Alicorn Coloring Pages
    The Alicorn is a magical, mythical creature that’s not a unicorn, and it’s not a pegasus… its a mix of both! It’s a horse like creature with a horn on its head and wings on its back and most certainly can fly. Alicorn are likely seen in the world of My Little Pony. This winged, …

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  • Gnome Coloring Pages
    Gnomes are tiny and full of mystery. Some say they’re ugly, but I think they’re pretty darn cute. When you’re out on your next gnome hunt, keep a sharp eye for beards and pointy hats. Look in the forest, in the shrubs, and under every mushroom. But don’t forget to look in the garden and …

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  • Baby Unicorn Coloring Pages
    What could be better than Unicorns? Baby Unicorns! What’s the greatest thing you can do with baby Unicorns… color them! They’re so so cute and magical. If you love unicorns and you love coloring, get ready to let your glitter and rainbows shine, we have some magical coloring pages for you. We have more unicorn …

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  • Baby Dragon Coloring Pages
    What could be better than dragons? Baby Dragons! Let’s face it. They’re adorable. And you can color them! Right here with these free coloring pages. When you’re done with these, we also have regular dragon coloring pages, unicorns and baby unicorns too, plus fairies, gnomes, and mermaids. Color your favorite fantasy creature. Baby Dragon Coloring …

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