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We have tons of coloring pages to print for free! Explore your creative side, get quiet and enjoy the simple art of coloring. The benefits of coloring are so numerous that coloring therapy is a well-used practice. Relieve stress! Focusing on a simple activity relaxes the brain. Artistic expression helps you be more creative, open, and free. Children enjoy improved motor skills, focus, color recognition, and relaxation also. Coloring is good for EVERYONE! So grab your crayons and colored pencils, browse through our site, and print all of our coloring pages for free.




  • Brave Coloring Pages
    Brave coloring pages are a great way to enjoy the movie and your favorite characters even more! Brave is a wonderful movie about a young princess who realizes a thing or two about her people’s traditions. Merida, a young Scottish girl with mounds of gorgeous red hair, is a little too adventurous for her own … Read more
  • Alice in Wonderland Coloring Pages
    Alice in Wonderland is a wonderfully creative story about a girl who gets lost in a very strange world full of mysterious creatures. The story first began in a book written by Lewis Carroll in 1865 called “Alices Adventures in Wonderland”. It was a story that Carroll told to three daughters of a friend, until … Read more
  • Rapunzel Coloring Pages
    Rapunzel coloring pages are so much fun for your little ones to enjoy this classic fairy tale. Rapunzel is a Brothers Grimm fairy tale from 1812. Rapunzel is locked in a tall tower. The only way to enter the tower is to climb her long golden hair. Brought to life with a wonderful soundtrack, Disney … Read more
  • 101 Dalmatians Coloring Pages
    101 Dalmatians was a Disney classic released way back in 1961. Cruella needs a new coat and will only be satisfied if it’s made out of puppies? It’s pretty dark, to say the least. But of course, Cruella will never win when dogs work together. For all you 101 Dalmatians fans out there, these are … Read more
  • Minnie Mouse Coloring Pages
    Minnie Mouse makes such a great compliment to Mickey Mouse. She’s sweet and adorable and Mickey loves her. See her in so many different ways. As a cheerleader, as a bride, and even with her friend Daisy Duck… and of course Mickey. If you need some sweetness in your life, print out these great Minnie … Read more


  • Bear Coloring Pages
    Bears are fierce yet majestic. They have many emotions. They’re affectionate and love their cubs, plus they are very protective. For most of us, they are terrifying, so admire them from a long long distance. It makes me wonder why we use their likeness as comfort in the teddy bear. It also makes me ask … Read more
  • Sloth Coloring Pages
    Ah, the Sloth. The notoriously slow animal. It takes them a whole minute to move only one foot. Zootopia wasn’t kidding! But there are other interesting things about them besides conserving energy. They were built to fall. If they lose grip and fall from a tree, they can survive falling from 100 feet in the … Read more
  • Snake Coloring Pages
    Snakes are so unique. You have to wonder how a creature survives with no arms and no legs. Snakes do it so elegantly. They are all muscle basically, so moving about is very easy for them. They strike very quickly so they’re well adept at hunting. They can go extra long without eating, about two … Read more
  • Rhino Coloring Pages
    Rhinoceros are intriguing characters. That big horn on their nose makes them so interesting to look at, but not up close. Rhinos are very protective and may charge if feeling threatened. They can run up to 30 mph, so it is better to admire them at a distance. Rhino Coloring Pages
  • Whale Coloring Pages
    Whales are the most fascinating creatures. They’re the largest creatures in the sea and above. A blue whale can grow to the size of a basketball court, up to 90 ft, and weigh as much as 24 elephants. Whales breathe air into their lungs, just like we do. But as you already may know, they … Read more