Art Coloring Pages

Art coloring pages help you express yourself as the artist you are. Color patterns and shapes with your own particular style or what inspiration comes in the moment. Or maybe color a replica of a famous artist’s piece. Whichever you choose, you can have pride in your work.

Teddy Bear Quilt Coloring Page

Quilt Coloring Pages

Quilts are decorative, functional, and present throughout human history. They’re best known by the early American settlers, but they’ve been around way longer than that. There are so many styles and colors. What a beautiful way to stay warm. Now you can make more art with quilts. Just print and color. There are all kinds […]

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Simple Mosaic Coloring Pattern

Mosaic Coloring Pages

The Mosaic art form has been around since 3000BC in Mesopotamia. It’s the practice of making an image with separate pieces such as stone, glass, ceramic. Its super fun and creative to practice. If you are mesmerized by mosaics, you can color one now. Print all of these mosaic coloring pages, plus paisley coloring pages,

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Paisley Pattern Coloring Pages

Paisley Coloring Pages

The paisley pattern is popular in textiles. It originated in Persia and India and moved westward in the 18th and 19th centuries. Paisley is such a free form of art especially while doodling. If you love this type of expression, you can color these wonderful Paisley patterns and drawings. Feel free to print them all

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Pere Tanguy Van Gogh Coloring Pages

Van Gogh Coloring Pages

Van Gogh Coloring Pages can help you dive into the world of art. Recreate some of the most famous and influential paintings in the art world with your colored pencils and markers. Dutch-born Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890) created some 2,100 works some of which we have for you here as coloring pages… including Starry Night

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Half Flower Mandala Design Coloring Page

Flower Mandala Coloring Pages

Flower Mandala Coloring Pages are a joy to color for the young and old. Repeating patterns of the mandalas have been revered for the ages for their meditative effects. Mandalas and meditation are now part of our modern culture to be enjoyed by the world. Flowers add an extra bit of nature and serenity. Print

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