Insect Coloring Pages

Insect coloring pages can help you learn about all the little buggers. 4 legs. 8 legs. 100 legs! wings. antennae. These are just some of the interesting things you’ll see in the insect world. Plus there are a lot of cute cartoon insects for fun as well.

Cricket Coloring Pages

Cricket Coloring Pages

Crickets are interesting little critters. I’m sure you’ve heard them, they’re those noisy creatures on summer nights. The males rub parts of their wings together to attract females! If you’re hearing crickets, most definitely love is in the air. It may look like crickets are just a boring brown color. But that’s far from the […]

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Cute Garden Insects Coloring Pages

Insect Coloring Pages

Insect make a great coloring subject. Our Insect coloring pages can help you enhance your discovery into the bug life. Some people think insects are gross, others are fascinated with them. Join the fascination and print our coloring pages for free. We have all kinds of insects on this website, like butterflies, ladybugs, caterpillar, ants,

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G For Grasshopper Coloring Page

Grasshopper Coloring Pages

Grasshoppers can be cute, friendly and hoppy if you have coloring pages. These little green guys come out every summer and hop along from garden to garden. Did you know that grasshoppers ears are on their abdomen? It’s true! They have a membrane called the tympanal organ that picks up vibrations, just under their wings.

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Pretty Spiderweb Coloring Page

Spider Coloring Pages

Spiders are interesting, cool and sometimes a little scary. Now you can get up close and personal with a spider without the fear… with our coloring pages. Some of our little arachnid friends are super cute. And some are big and hairy enough to give you chills. Whatever kind of spider you like, start coloring!

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Caterpillar Coloring Pages

Caterpillar Coloring Pages

These little adorable creatures make the best coloring subject. Use our Caterpillar coloring pages to express your creativity. Caterpillars have 3 parts, the head, a thorax, and an abdomen. They feel around with two cute antennae on their head. But the best thing about a caterpillar is its destiny. They go through their chrysalis and

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Cute Cartoon Dragonfly Coloring Page

Dragonfly Coloring Pages

Dragonflies make a beautiful coloring subject. So many opportunities to be creative in one little insect. You can meditate on it too. In the spiritual totem, the dragonfly symbolizes transformation. Are you ready for a beautiful change? Print all of our coloring pages for free and start your transformation. There are more insects to color,

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S Is For Snail Coloring Page

Snail Coloring Pages

Snail coloring pages are fun because, albeit slimy, they’re adorable little creatures. They’re very cute almost all of the time, with one exception, when they’re eating your garden vegetables. It is considered a shelled ‘Gastropod’. A snail without a shell is a slug! You can enjoy learning more about snails with our coloring pages. Study

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Cute Ant Coloring Pages2

Ant Coloring Pages

Dont forget to add Ant coloring pages to your discovery about insects. Ants are amazing creatures. They can lift multiple times their own weight. They are social and live in colonies that may have survived for hundreds of years. The queen ant spends her life laying millions of eggs. If you didn’t think ants were

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Bee Coloring Pages

Bee Coloring Pages

Ahh, summer and all the little critters that come with it. Bees may not make EVERYONE happy, but they’re really fun to color. We have all kinds of cute Honey Bee and Bumblebee coloring pages. Adorable cartoons and some realistic ones. Some for the kids, some for adults. We couldn’t leave out the Bee Movie,

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Cute Ladybug Cartoon Coloring Page

Ladybug Coloring Pages

Ladybugs are cute, harmless insects, that are beneficial to your garden… and most importantly, they’re COLORFUL! Ladybug coloring pages can bring out your passion for color. Did you know they have other names? Ladybird Beetles and Lady Beetles all are what some people might call a ladybug. Who knew? When you’re finished coloring these, there

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