Animal Coloring Pages

Animal coloring pages help children learn about the world we share with all of God’s creatures. They can learn the details of each animal by looking at the pictures and also the variety of colors they can choose.

Pretty Camel Coloring Page

Camel Coloring Pages

Camels are an interesting animal. They live predominantly North Africa and the Middle East and are used much like horses. You can ride them or use them to carry your pack. Camels are very strong, they can carry 900 lbs! They can also run as fast as a horse too, speeds up to 40 miles […]

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Lobster Coloring Page

Lobster Coloring Pages

Lobster are crustaceans that crawl along the bottom of the ocean. Even though lobster live all over the world, they’re most famous just off the east coast of America, from Maine to North Carolina. Lobsters survive by eating other sea life, like crabs, mussels, clams, starfish and even shrimp. Did you know that a lobsters

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Cute Baby Bear Coloring Page

Bear Coloring Pages

Bears are fierce yet majestic. They have many emotions. They’re affectionate and love their cubs, plus they are very protective. For most of us, they are terrifying, so admire them from a long long distance. It makes me wonder why we use their likeness as comfort in the teddy bear. It also makes me ask

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Sloth Spelling Coloring Sheet

Sloth Coloring Pages

Ah, the Sloth. The notoriously slow animal. It takes them a whole minute to move only one foot. Zootopia wasn’t kidding! But there are other interesting things about them besides conserving energy. They were built to fall. If they lose grip and fall from a tree, they can survive falling from 100 feet in the

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S Is For Snake Coloring Page

Snake Coloring Pages

Snakes are so unique. You have to wonder how a creature survives with no arms and no legs. Snakes do it so elegantly. They are all muscle basically, so moving about is very easy for them. They strike very quickly so they’re well adept at hunting. They can go extra long without eating, about two

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Rhino In The Water Coloring Page

Rhino Coloring Pages

Rhinoceros are intriguing characters. That big horn on their nose makes them so interesting to look at, but not up close. Rhinos are very protective and may charge if feeling threatened. They can run up to 30 mph, so it is better to admire them at a distance. If you want to color more, there

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Easy Whale Coloring Page

Whale Coloring Pages

Whales are the most fascinating creatures. They’re the largest creatures in the sea and above. A blue whale can grow to the size of a basketball court, up to 90 ft, and weigh as much as 24 elephants. Whales breathe air into their lungs, just like we do. But as you already may know, they

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Tiger Spelling Coloring Sheet

Tiger Coloring Pages

Tiger coloring pages can help your little ones learn about their animals. This is one big cat, actually the biggest of them all, yes even larger than a lion. We know they have stripes. Black stripes on an oranged-colored body. But the most striking thing about a tiger is its eyes. They have beautiful piercing

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Cute Mouse Peeking Up Coloring Page

Mouse Coloring Pages

Mouse Coloring pages are a great way to teach children about the little creatures of the world. They’re also a fun and super cute subject for adults to color. Whether you’re young or old, we have some great pages for you to choose from. Pick on or three, print and color away. Mice are cute

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Squirrel With Large Acorn Coloring Page

Squirrel Coloring Pages

Squirrel coloring pages are a great way to teach little ones about the animals in their backyard. Thes adorable rodents are cute enough to be pets, but surely are wild. They climb high through the trees, make large nests, and care for their babies more than 20 feet off the ground, far away from predators

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