Animal Coloring Pages

Animal coloring pages help children learn about the world we share with all of God’s creatures. They can learn the details of each animal by looking at the pictures and also the variety of colors they can choose.

Mom And 3 Baby Raccoons Coloring Page

Raccoon Coloring Pages

Raccoons are cute, fuzzy, adorable, HUNGRY little creatures. If you’ve ever found one in your garbage can, you would know how clever they can be. Raccoons can be seen in a variety of colors. Your common brown and black, also tan, black, reddish-brown, and gray. Use your creativity with these coloring pages to make your […]

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Adorable Cartoon Monkey Coloring Page

Monkey Coloring Pages

If you live in Asia, Africa, or South America, you’re probably no stranger to monkeys. There are over 250 species of monkeys in the world. This means they come in all sizes and colors. Black, brown, gray, tan, red, and even yellow. Grab all of your colors and get creative with these coloring pages. There

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Cute Cartoon Lizard Coloring Page

Lizard Coloring Pages

Lizards are the most interesting reptile. They range vastly in size. The Nano Chameleon comes in at under 1 inch. The Komodo Dragon is about 10 feet and weighs in at a whopping 300 lbs! They range in color as well. Green, gray, brown, tan. Some lizards, such as Chameleons and Anoles can even change

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K For Koala Coloring Page

Koala Bear Coloring Pages

Koala Bears are super adorbs, that’s why there are so many cute cartoons based on this humble marsupial from down under. But you don’t have to go to Australia to see one. Get some right here, with these great coloring pages. See if you can capture the spirit of the Koala with your coloring skills.

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Zen Lion Quote Coloring Page For Adults

Lion Coloring Pages

The lion is the king of the jungle, but they’re not alone. Lions are the only cats that like to live in groups. A lion pride can consist of 30 lions, wow! Lions are equally interesting to look at. Make lions have their distinctive mane that covers their head. All lions are extremely beautiful, but

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Hamster Gift Coloring Page

Hamster Coloring Pages

Hamsters are the most adorable creatures and they make a great pet. Give them food and water, a nice clean cage, a place to run, and lots and lots of love and you’ll have a happy hamster. These little fluffy guys are fun to color too! Give them any pattern of brown, black, white, and

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Ballerina Hippopotamus Coloring Page

Hippopotamus Coloring Pages

The Hippo of Africa is a grand animal. This mammal spends most of its life in the water, up to 16 hours a day! The sun is hot in Africa, so this is how they stay cool. Hippopotamus have enormous mouths. An open hippo mouth can reach up to four feet wide! Their long canine

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Coyote Spelling Coloring Sheet

Coyote Coloring Pages

Coyotes are medium-sized wild canines that are native to North America. Smaller than a wolf, Coyotes stand at 2 feet tall and weigh 50 lbs, about the size of a Siberian Huskie. Coyotes are social and very vocal. You may hear them howling at night. They are beige and tan with lots of long fur.

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Goat Spelling And Coloring Page

Goat Coloring Pages

Goats are interesting little creatures. Full of life, vigor, and playfulness. They’re also full of color. You can find a goat from any color between white, black, chocolate, gold, tan, orange, and so many patterns. Chamoisee and Roan are two types of goat coloring. Look closely at the texture of their fur. Think you can

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Mom And Baby Giraffe Coloring Page

Giraffe Coloring Pages

Giraffes are tan with brown spots. They have short hair and as you may have noticed, reaaaally long necks. They evolved this way so that they could reach the leaves on the trees since that is what they mostly eat. You can find them in the Savannah biome in Africa. Of course there are some

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