Animal Coloring Pages

Animal coloring pages help children learn about the world we share with all of God’s creatures. They can learn the details of each animal by looking at the pictures and also the variety of colors they can choose.

Cute Dog Cartoon Coloring Page

Dog Coloring Pages

Dog coloring pages are enough to melt the coldest heart. Dogs are such wonderful, beautiful creatures, it’s no wonder we want them around. Loyal and loving, they can be our protectors, companions, our entertainment, and our dear friends for life. Not to mention, they’re so stinkin’ cute. We have a variety of dog coloring pages […]

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Baby Turtle Coloring Page

Turtle Coloring Pages

Today we have free turtle coloring pages for all you animal lovers out there. Turtles are fascinating creatures. Did you know that turtles have existed for around 215 million years? For some turtles’ eggs, the temperature will determine if the baby turtles will be male or female. Cold means male, warm means female. Some turtles

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