Movies and TV Coloring Pages

Add some color to these Movie and TV show Coloring Pages. Television and movies make up a huge part of our world. And rightly so, it’s such an entertaining way to spend time, and decompress. We learn, we fantasize, and we experience life through pictures. We can also color these pictures! See if you can find your favorite movie or tv show.

Dr Strange Movie Coloring Page

Dr Strange Coloring Pages

Dr Strange is a powerful sorcerer dedicated to protecting the Earth in the Marvel comics and movies. He strolls through the multiverse opening portals and constructing objects to defend using Eldritch magic. This master of the Mystic Arts is super interesting to color. Give him life and energy with your artistic skills. When you’re done […]

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Joker Portrait Coloring Page

Joker Coloring Pages

The Joker is probably the most favorite villain of comic fans in any universe. Batmans greatest foe is interestingly insane, evil and very frightening to Batman and everyone else. There have been so many iterations of this famous character, you can pick your favorite, and color him! You can also color other superheros like Batman,

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Incredible Hulk Coloring Page

Hulk Coloring Pages

The Incredible Hulk entered the scene all the way back in 1962. Bruce Banner, scientist, was exposed to a mega load of radiation. This caused serious rage, and wardrobe issues. There are really just three things to know about Hulk. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry, he smashes things, you’ll need a green crayon.

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Black Widow Coloring Page

Black Widow Coloring Pages

Black Widow first appeared in the comics in 1964. This badass female Russian spy, Natasha Romanoff defected to the U.S. to become a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and part of the Avengers. She possesses high levels of strength and agility, knowledge of martial arts and is extensively skilled marksman and an even better strategist. She’s accompanied Iron

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Ant Man Coloring Pages

Ant Man Coloring Pages

Ant Man showed up on the Marvel scene in 1962. Hank Pym of Pym Particles, scientist extraordinair, created a substances that resize objects. After playing around with ideas like Giant Man, Goliath and Yelowjacket, Ant Man ultimately stuck. Scott Lang takes over as Ant Man in 1979s Avengers comic. This Stark tech guru, turn thief,

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Creepy Green Goblin Coloring Page

Green Goblin Coloring Pages

The Green Goblin, longtime villain, Spiderman foe, split personality. Scientist and CEO, Norman Osborn tests a performance enhancing serum on himself. Wouldn’t you know it goes terribly wrong. He now has superhuman strength and mental instability who eventually takes on the persona of Green Goblin. This goblin is so many shades of evil. Which ones

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Warlord Thanos Coloring Page

Thanos Coloring Pages

Thanos, Dark Lord, Mad Titan, enemy of the Avengers and our universe. This powerful warlord commanded many armies across space. His world, Titan, a moon of Saturn, was destroyed by overpopulation, prompting the Titans to bring balance to the universe. Thanos’ answer, exterminate half of the population on the universe. He needs the infinity stones

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Black Panther Superhero Coloring Page

Black Panther Coloring Pages

T’Challa is now the king of Wakanda. He is a skilled warrior, and a noble Avenger, but he relies on his intelligence and his heart to defend his country. The Black Panther is a part of Wakandas history. Its people have long worshipped the Panther God, who gives the Black Panther its power. T’Challa wins

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Venom Tracing Page To Color

Venom Coloring Pages

When alien symbiotes invade the Earth, one of them decides to stay and this place home…inside Eddie Brocks body. Now Brock has super-human powers, and no matter how he tries to push the invader out, he likes the power. This high energy film is full of action, laughter and an interesting character. Now you can

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Cool Wolverine Coloring Page

Wolverine Coloring Pages

Wolverine made his debut in 1974 when he appeared in two issues of The Incredible Hulk comic. He showed up on the last panel of issue #180 & made a full appearance in issue #181. Just 8 years later, Wolverine had his own comic book, in 1982. An animated TV series in the 90’s, and

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