Movies and TV Coloring Pages

Add some color to these Movie and TV show Coloring Pages. Television and movies make up a huge part of our world. And rightly so, it’s such an entertaining way to spend time, and decompress. We learn, we fantasize, and we experience life through pictures. We can also color these pictures! See if you can find your favorite movie or tv show.

George Jetson On The Dog Walker Coloring Page

Jetsons Coloring Pages

The Jetsons. What a classic. This futuristic animated television series ran in 1962 and was full of wonder and gadgets! Imagining what could be possible 100 years in the future, most of us wanted all of the technology in the Jetsons, maybe minus the dog walk! If you loved the Jetsons, lets give this fun …

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Stewies Laser Gun Coloring Page

Family Guy Coloring Pages

If you wanna laugh, this animated television series can do that like no other. Have fun with the family, Peter, Lois, Chris, Meg, Stewie, Brian, and your crayons! Color all of these great pages for free. They’re pretty easy, so lets have some fun and a few laughs. When you’re done with these, try the …

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Johnny Bravo Flexing Muscles Coloring Page

Johnny Bravo Coloring Pages

If you’re in your 20’s this show is classic. Johnny Bravo karate chops his way through life, flexing his muscles and trying to impress the ladies. He’s a very colorful character. It’s time to give him the color he so deserves, in these coloring pages. So don’t leave home without your sunglasses, or your crayons. …

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Heman Fighting Coloring Page

He-Man Coloring Pages

He-Man was such a great cartoon and live-action movie back in the ’80s. It had SO many villains and of course, the greatest of the great hero’s, He-Man and She-Ra. The animated characters may have been simplistic, but the comic book art was very very cool. Take a look at reference photos and notice the …

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Fairly Odd Parents Coloring Pages

Fairly Odd Parents Coloring Pages

Fairly Odd Parents is a very funny, somewhat outrageous tv show. There’s a wonderful 10 seasons of hilarity, hijinks, and color! Yes, the show is super colorful and lends a lot of inspiration in filling in coloring pages. Give these characters some vibrant color. Try to come up with some magical backgrounds and don’t forget …

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Curious George In Big Hat Coloring Page

Curious George Coloring Pages

Curious George is a fun and adorable book series, and now a PBS kids television series. Our characters definitely have a particular style, in the books and the shows. When you look at reference photos, make sure to notice the exact colors and the shading style the artists use. Try to see how authentic you …

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Bugs Bunny Left At Albuquerquecoloring Page

Bugs Bunny Coloring Pages

Bugs Bunny is considered one of the original classic cartoon characters of our world. He was born in 1940 and he hasn’t changed much since. Just a few shapes and you have him. Then you just add some color gray in the right spots. But what if you tried to give him some dimension. You …

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Gomez And Morticia Addams In The Greenhouse

Addams Family Coloring Pages

The Addams Family is a classic, quirky, and fun show starting all the way back to 1964! Tap into your gothic side and see if you can bring out the beauty in the darkness. Try some deep, dark, heavy shadows and muted colors on these coloring pages to bring out the drama in these loveable …

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