Animal Coloring Pages

Animal coloring pages help children learn about the world we share with all of God’s creatures. They can learn the details of each animal by looking at the pictures and also the variety of colors they can choose.

Donkey Spelling Coloring Sheet

Donkey Coloring Pages

Donkeys are considered to be a very useful animal. Strong enough to carry us or our stuff in packs or by pulling a cart. They help us move things around. But did you know that they’re also very protective? They will guard other livestock like sheep and chickens, goats and calves from harm from predators …

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Dolphins Coloring Pages

Dolphin Coloring Pages

Dolphins are intelligent social animals. They talk, they play, they stick together, and they’re so much fun to color. You might grab a gray crayon and be done with it, but there’s so much more. Look at some photos of a dolphin. When they come to the surface they’re very shiny. Can you capture the …

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C Is For Cow Spelling Sheet

Cow Coloring Pages

Cows are a common animal all over the world, mostly found on a farm. Male cows are called bulls, baby cows are called calves, and female cows, called cows, can also have horns just like the males. Common cow colors range from black, brown, tan, red, and white. There are spotted cows and plain cows …

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Chick Cartoon Coloring Page

Chicken Coloring Pages

The chicken is a bird that’s in great abundance around the world. They’re usually found on a farm, but you might even have some in your own neighborhood. A female is called a hen. A male is called a rooster. The babies are called chicks. They are covered in feathers that include a variety of …

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Bat Spelling Worksheet

Bat Coloring Pages

Bats are such a cool specimen. They are great flyers and excellent eaters, and they do all of it at night! Bats range in a variety of colors, from black to brown, red, tan, and gray. So you have a lot of choices while coloring these interesting creatures. You can give them texture. Add shadows …

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S Is For Sheep Worksheet

Sheep Coloring Pages

Sheep can be found all over the world. From your local farm to the top of a mountain in Asia. A male sheep is called a ram and may have horns. A female sheep is called a ewe. Baby sheep are called lambs. Sheep also come in a range of shades of white, brown, red, …

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Color The Bunny Rabbit Worksheet

Rabbit Coloring Pages

Rabbits are sweet timid creatures. They’re super cute and very loveable animals. The perfect subject to draw and create cartoon characters out of. Drawing a rabbit may be as simple as sketching a few circles. Coloring a cute bunny rabbit may become more complex when adding shade and texture. There are so many styles you …

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Kanga And Roo Coloring Page

Kangaroo Coloring Pages

Kangaroos are so unique and different. I can’t imagine what this creature looks like in real life. All you Aussies have an advantage. You may have (or not) seen them up close and personal. If you can see it, you can color it. See how lifelike you can make these adorable jumpers look. Zoom in …

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Pugs In A Mug Coloring Page

Pug Coloring Pages

Pugs are a unique dog that is most know for its wrinkles and squishy looking face. The breed is one of the oldest, dating back to ancient times. They were treated as royalty. Pug lovers truly adore this type of dog. Its not hard to believe, because they were bred for companionship. They’re friendly, loving, …

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Easy Elephant Coloring Pages

Elephant Coloring Pages

The elephant is a truly fascinating animal. The African elephant is the largest animal on land, and the 3rd largest animal on the planet, after Blue Whales and Colossal Squid. We’re familiar with them, so we forget how truly unique looking they are. Their big ears help them cool off. They flap their ears like …

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