Monster Truck Coloring Pages!

Hey boys… and girls! Here are some great resources of monster truck coloring pages! We’ll start with the kiddies first.

Monster Truck Coloring Pages

If your child LOVES monster trucks or Cars, they’ll love the Nickelodeon show “Blaze and the Monster Machines”. It’s fun and exciting, get ready to race. You can watch full episodes and play Blaze games HERE. Or, you can download their Blaze Coloring Pages

nicks blaze monster truck coloring pages thumb

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[button link=”” type=”icon” newwindow=”yes”] Download Blaze and AJ Here[/button]

I really like this sketchy artist rendition of a monster truck. It’s not super high resolution, or very clear, but it’s beautifully drawn. The best way to download this art is to right click and save to your computer. You can edit in windows photo program to get the gray out of the background. (or download this one below, I’ve cleaned it up for you)


[button link=”” type=”icon” newwindow=”yes”] Download ColorNimbus’ Monster Truck coloring Page[/button]

ColoringPanda has a handful of nice monster truck coloring pages. Some are missing, but the selection that is there is good.


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Color Online!  
I absolutely love coloring online. It’s the instant gratification part of me that draws me to it. Click click click done. Here are some great monster trucks to color online:

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